Guess that Dash Light

I get many questions about a light that has come on someone’s dash, and they are not sure what to do about it, whether they are local and need to get to work or on the way home from vacation. There are 10 main lights that can come on for you that are of major concern. I will write about each of these in separate Pro Tips, so read on to find out what to do if a light comes on for you! First, let’s review some ‘rules of thumb’ to use with these lights.

Rules of Thumb

• Red Light This problem is urgent. Consider a tow truck, if you are local and during business hours, RNS can send one out for you.

• Yellow Light This need taken care of soon, if the vehicle runs, drive it until a scheduled appointment at RNS.

• Green or Blue Light this is an informational light, there is no problem!

Read the other Pro Tips to dive into these lights and what they are called! We will start with the red lights as they are more urgent than the others.