Trusted, Orrville Ohio Auto Service & Repair

RNS Service cares about you and your family's safety.

There are some things RNS Service customers should know about automotive service and repair in Orrville. First and foremost, RNS Service cares about you and your family's safety. And they really appreciate your business. RNS Service wants to build a trusting relationship that becomes the foundation for a mutually beneficial experience for years to come.

Building on that foundation, there are some things that would help you understand the Orrville auto service and repair business better. First, it can be really hard to fix cars. The days of shade tree mechanics in Ohio are long gone. The majority of automotive systems are computerized. It takes a lot of training and very expensive equipment to diagnose and repair modern vehicles.

The technicians who work at RNS Service need extensive computer training – not just how to run the diagnostic systems, but also how to search for the right parts, network with other technicians to help them with a difficult problem and pull together a job order that makes sure that each step of the process is addressed.

The threshold for getting started as a technician gets higher all the time and there is a huge commitment to on-going training every year. This training takes time and money. It contributes to business overhead. The average Orrville driver may not realize the business and environmental regulations RNS Service must comply with. Of course, that costs money too. Like any Orrville business, overhead is a big factor.

When you go into your favorite Orrville restaurant, you don't value the meal by what the food would cost at the grocery store. The restaurant has rent, wages, insurance, taxes, utilities, professional fees, equipment, supplies – you get the picture. The restaurant has to charge enough to not only pay for the ingredients, but for all these other things as well while making enough profit to remain in business. If you value the meal and are satisfied with your dining experience, you'll come back and tell your Orrville friends.

It's the same for RNS Service in Orrville. The value of its service is not the cost of the parts they replace, but in your satisfaction with the results. If they deliver a good product at a fair price, customers are happy to see them succeed as a business.

Your team at RNS Service loves to see Orrville customers whenever they come in,

but they would much rather see them three or four times a year for routine maintenance than once a year on a tow truck. They want to work together with you to avoid breakdowns.

Tell your friends and family to go into RNS Service for their scheduled maintenance, too. That lowers RNS Service's marketing costs and helps keep its labor rates down. That's good for everyone.