Your Rolling Computer (Car)

Today’s vehicles in Ohio are rolling computer networks with multiple processors, sensors and miles of wiring. 

The mechanical elements — from the suspension to the engine valve train — are extremely sophisticated. Diagnosis and repair is more exacting than ever before. Even a simple tire rotation may involve resetting the tire pressure monitoring system.

Our technicians at RNS Service train hard to stay current on automotive technology, repair best practices and diagnostic techniques. 

Most have earned multiple certifications in various specialty areas. They obtain training from parts manufacturers, suppliers, independent trainers and recognized certification programs.

In our view, this is all a part of what it takes to be a sustainable business. You expect service and repairs to be done right the first time. We have to deliver that in order to continue to earn your trust and business. And of course, we stand behind our work and the parts we install. Let RNS Service be a part of your family’s car care.